Following is a list of all the women interviewed as part of the
WPCF Oral History Project "Women in Journalism."

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Marie Anderson Deborah Howell Marjorie Paxson
Edith Evans Asbury* Charlayne Hunter-Gault Ethel Payne
Tad Bartimus Kathryn Johnson* Virginia Pitt Sherlock
Katherine Beebe Harris Dorothy Jurney Lynn Povich*
Lucile Bluford Tonnie Katz Margaret Richards
Christy Bulkeley Iris Kelso Marilyn Schultz
Mary Lou Butcher Helen Kirkpatrick Milbank Eileen Shanahan
Beth Campbell Short Mary Ellen Leary Isabelle Shelton
Elsie Carper* Deborah Leff* Catherine Shen
Betty Carter Frances Lewine* Carole Simpson
Vivian Castleberry Flora Lewis Harriett Skye
Sylvia Chase* Mónica Lozano Barbara Tanabe
Connie Chung* Melissa Ludtke Ruth Ashton Taylor
Marvel Cooke Sarah McClendon Betsy Wade*
Ruth Cowan Nash Mary McGrory* Lois Wille
Belva Davis Edythe Meserand Group Interview With:
Jane Eads Bancroft Gladys Montgomery Singer ~Ann Cottrell Free
Mary Garber Aline Mosby ~Frances Lide
Dorothy Gilliam Charlotte Moulton ~Ruth Montgomery
Ellen Goodman Frances Murphy ~Malvina Stephenson
Fran Harris Geneva Overholser .

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