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Diane K. Gentry, a Wisconsin native, received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in photography from Ohio University in 1965. In 1967 she received a Master of science in Journalism from the same University.

Diane began her career as a freelance photographer and writer for national magazines in 1965. Over the years she has worked for Life, Look, Time, Reader's Digest, Forbes, Modern Maturity, Country Journal, Country, Working Woman, Woman's World, Dynamic Years and many other magazines.

Since the mid-1970s, Diane has used oral history interviewing extensively in her work. Her most ambitious oral history/documentary photography project to date is her 1988 book, Enduring Women. For this book she drove 23,000 miles alone around the country, living for weeks with ten "ordinary/extraordinary" American country women from a coal miner to a rancher to a midwife and reporting on their work, relationships and families over a ten-year period.

Diane Gentry conducted the interviews with:

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