For Equality, Education and Excellence in Journalism

The Washington Press Club Foundation is an organization of journalists from the nation's print and broadcast media working as a group to promote the ideals of equality and excellence that inspired that small band of its founders, the Women's National Press Club.

Established in 1919, when female reporters weren't allowed to become members of the National Press Club or the Gridiron Club, the Women’s National Press Club formed an organization to ensure that women established an equal place in the newsroom .

Today, the Foundation continues the work of these pioneers by sponsoring programs and events to educate both students and the general public on the role of a free press, awarding scholarships and internships to support equality and diversity in the newsroom and continuing to develop historical materials on American journalism, primarily through our award winning oral history project, Women in Journalism. Other projects have made important contributions to the profession of journalism.

  The Foundation's signature event, the Annual Congressional Dinner, will be held on Wednesday, February 9, 2011 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. For information on sponsorships or to attend as a guest please send your inquiry to:

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